Q. I'm having problems placing my order online, can you help me?
A. Please follow the following steps:
  • Select the product you want to purchase and click the buy button. This adds the product to your shopping cart (which you should see on the right column of our website).
  • Add additional items to your cart by following step 1 or click &quote;Checkout&quote; in your shopping cart to proceed to our Secure Checkout pages. The checkout process consists of 5 steps.
  • Fill out the appropriate fields and click next until you reach our order confirmation screen. You have done it! Thanks for your order.

Q. When will my order be shipped?
A. We do our best to ship the orders within 1 to 2 working days. Orders received on weekends and holidays will ship the next business day.

Q. Do you ship Worldwide including UK? What is the shipping cost?
A. Yes, We do ship worldwide including UK. Shipping cost is determined by UPS. To find out shipping cost, please place an order via our online store and proceed as you were going to order the unit. Shipping cost will be computed based on the information you provide prior to transaction is committed. You can cancel the transaction if you did not like what you see.

Q. Are local taxes covered for International Customers?
A. No, for international customers; local taxes, VAT, any freight surcharges etc. are their liability.

Q. Does power adapter that comes with iRecord works outside of USA?
A. Yes. iRecord has a universal AC adapter (100-240V) covering USA and other parts of the world. Additionally, it comes with inter-changeable blade for different country power connector. By default, the iRecord package contains a US type blade but we also ship UK, EU and Australian types as well when it goes to those countries. When you order iRecord please do mention and if we have a supply of particular country type of plug we will ship it.

Q. I am getting the following error &quote;Your billing information does not match your credit card. Please check with your bank.&quote;, please help.
A. This error normally comes when:
Your billing address mentioned on your credit card account is not the same as you entered as a billing address, while placing the order. Please check with the correct billing address from your credit card bank and use it.


Your shipping address entered in the online order, is not accepted by your credit card account. You need to contact your credit card bank to add that shipping address to your account.

Q. I am getting the following error &quote;Encountered an error in processing their card&quote;, please help.
A. With some international orders, some credit cards are not globally participant in AVS (address verification system), such orders are returned with this error. Please try using credit card which participates in global AVS system.

Q. My order did not go through, but looks like my credit card is already charged.
A. In incomplete orders, your bank holds that amount for such a failed/incomplete transaction, but after a couple of days the amount is reverted back to your credit card account.

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